IJ44-BTH Bluetooth Remote pH Kit

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The  BlueBox–pH wireless unit allows you to turn any standard pH electrode with a BNC connector into a wireless sensor. This allows the electrode to connect to the DataWorks app that lets you calibrate your electrode, take measurements and record your data on your smartphone or tablet.

This package contains everything you need to get started with the Bluebox, including one of ionodes IJ44 electrodes, with Automatic Temperature Compensation.

Key capabilities include:

  • Precision portable pH meter for use in the laboratory or in the field.
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity suitable for most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Connects any pH probe to our DataWorks smartphone app.
  • Separate connectors for temperature and pH probes.
  • Stores calibration information.

Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth low energy is a wireless communication protocol that uses considerably less power than classic Bluetooth and improved connectivity with connection times typically less than 1 second.

Kit Contents

  • Bluebox Bluetooth pH Meter
  • Ionode IJ44 Electrode
  • 30mL RE Gel
  • Carry Case


IJ44 Specifications

Temperature Range0 - 60°C
pH Range0 - 14 pH
pH SensorA Glass Spear
ReferenceDouble Junction Ag/AgCl/Sat KCl Gel with replaceable electrolyte
Zero pH7.0 ± 0.5
Cable Length1m. Standard (Max. 20m)
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